Living and teleworking in Menorca

Some shy and willowy foals look out curiously over a dry stone Minorcan wall to see what you are up to. An intoxicating fragrance of plants and flowers invades your room through the open window. And at the same time, your ears delight in listening to a symphony of songbirds that is only interrupted from time to time by the braying of a lethargic donkey complaining of boredom…


This was the case for most of my teleworking days in Menorca last spring, when we were subjected to a forced lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic..


While millions of people were distressed at being confined to the cities, the privileged residents of Menorca lived an experience that I dare to describe as almost mystical.


It was not the same to endure an inhuman bombardment of apocalyptic news about the Covid-19, trapped in an urban environment of deserted strrets through which police cars roamed throwing out repressive messages, as it was to do it in Minorca sheltered by the spiritual peace offered by the countryside or the sea…


Popular wisdom says: “Every cloud has a sliver lining”. Thanks to the silence caused by the cessation of human activity, the inhabitants of the island were able to hear nature’s cry, a voice of reason that reminded us of the real priorities of life.


We discovered with astonishment that for many of us most of the professional tasks we usually carry out can be done from the comfort of our own home. We learned to recioncile our family life with work and were even able  to stop for a few moments to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and a dazzling sunset.  We realised that thanks to existing technology, a simple screen on an electronic device, we can avoid having to travel, drive, park and consume countless resources…


Moreover, at least in my experience, I have noticed that when dealing with people from a more intimate environment such as their own homes, somehow the approach becomes closer and more pleasant, and that state of mind translates into greater productivity.


In short, if your dream is to live in Minorca and your profession allows you to do so, don’t doubt for a moment that Minorca is a paradise for teleworking, and we have wonderful houses in the country or by the sea that could be your office.



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