Palace for sale in Menorca

Old houses stir our emotions and beguile us, and this palace for sale on the island of Menorca, more than any other historical building, has a good story to tell.

This palatial house from the 18th century is located a few metres away from Ciutadella cathedral, in the most aristocratic area on the island.

Its nearly 1,500m² built area distributed on three floors and four basements treasure the secrets of an era in which luxury and sumptuousness were boasted about without any shame.

Its elegant vaulted entrance hall that welcomes us, the monumental cloister staircase on which the whole building revolves, its impressive dome with skylight or the phenomenal woodwork that decorates all the rooms in this period house, are only a thin layer behind which hides much more…

Join us on a step-by-step visit inside this palace, on a journey into the past, to discover the customs and habits of the time of greatest splendour…

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