Unexpected consequences of the Coronavirus in Menorca

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An unexpected consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic in Menorca has been the increased interest in properties with a lot of land or at least a garden.

Of course, we have suddenly discovered that having your privacy and a good piece of land is something very valuable. Where is safer to be in these times of global alarm, in a luxury flat with common areas or in a humble isolated country house?

We have learned that having your own outdoor space to grow your own kitchen garden, and even having  farm animals, if they come in handy, not only gives us a break but allows us to become self-sufficient with our own food. Wow, who would have thought something like that a few weeks ago, right?

And the evidence tells us that the trend is going to go even further as soon as the worst happens and we can stop and think because surely the whole of Western society is going to change its habits and way of understanding life to some extent.

The fact is that this crisis, which has hit us like a bolt of lightning, has forced us to wake up out of our artificial fantasy and has given us a flash of conscience about the true priorities of life. And our first primitive reaction is survival and from it comes the second: security. And consequently, a country estate or country house offers more possibilities to be able to cover these ancestral needs.

Now we rediscover with admiration that our ancestors maintained an enviable relationship of balance with nature. They took advantage of all the resources that nature put within their reach. On the country estates, they collected rainwater in large cisterns, cultivated the land, had their own cattle and farm animals and even produced their own oil, wine, and many other products. Now that we are immersed in a globalized world in which we consume food that comes from the other side of the planet, while our own lands remain abandoned with the danger of fires, we discover with envy that those people were really self-sufficient and also ecological.

No doubt now, after this lesson in humility, who would not want to take refuge in their own country estate or country house?

Doesn’t the idea of even having your own nuclear bunker or fallout shelter sound so ridiculous now?

Yes, we have shed the veil of banality and frivolity that kept the light of reason from passing and we can see again…

Please tell us what you think: do you think these conclusions are exaggerated or had you already thought of something similar?


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  1. Peter Burnet

    Dear Jose,
    Many thanks for your thought provoking articles, the sentiment in which we totally endorse.
    For our part, we fortunate to live in privacy and security on a 50 acre farm in Sussex where our freezer is stocked with lamb that graze our fields which enable us to swop for vegetables from our neighbours.
    We wish all in Menorca the chance to enjoy the opportunity of a change of life this nightmare will presentv and we can’t wait to return to our small Casa in Fonduco and catch a swim or even a fish or two,
    With kindest regards.
    Peter Burnet

    • Jose

      Great words from you, Peter. For sure you’ll enjoy very soon your little “casita ” in Fonduco. Best wishes from the sunny Menorca

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