The coronavirus in Menorca

For now, the conclusions we can draw from the passage of the Coronavirus through Menorca are very encouraging:

  1. Living in Menorca is an advantage in the face of a pandemic or a global catastrophe. For the moment, and it seems that the statistics remain stable, Menorca has one of the lowest rates of infection in Spain.
  2. Cutting off access to the island to protect it from further infection is easier and quicker than on a peninsula or even a larger island.
  3. The vast majority of the island’s population has demonstrated a high degree of civility and commitment. There have been no shortages or public disturbances that have disrupted coexistence. In the supermarkets, there are no breakdowns in stock and you are served in an orderly and safe manner.
  4. Our health system seems to be well measured and does not report any cases of bottle-necks. Dependent elderly people are being cared for as usual and receive medication at home.
  5. Enduring long term home confinement in Menorca is much more bearable and less stressful than having to spend it in a city.
  6. Our communications system has proven to be robust as it has supported an exponential increase in internet connections throughout the day.
  7. Menorcan society has been completely dedicated to helping out in every way possible. Companies and individuals from Menorca have donated material and equipment to Insalud (the health service).


This will soon pass, lots of encouragement to everyone from Menorca.


7 Responses

  1. Tom Moon

    Well done Menorca, glad to hear you are weathering these tough times and working together – we hope to visit your wonderful island again next year under happier circumstances. Love and best wishes from Scotland!

    • Jose

      Thanks fro your comment. We look forward to see you soon in the sunny Menorca

  2. Mirco

    Ciao Menorca noi da anni (15) veniamo a trascorrere almeno 1 settimana all’anno da te. Quest’anno abbiamo già prenotato 2 settimane x luglio, non so se sarà possibile vi spero auguri, x voi ma anche x noi che viviamo in Italia colpita duramente dal covid19
    Hello Menorca we for years (15) we come to spend at least 1 week a year with you. This year we have already booked 2 weeks x July, I do not know if it will be possible I hope you good wishes, x you but also x us who live in Italy hit hard by covid19

  3. Sven

    Wonderful José a good set of encouraging words from you!
    Regards y un abrazo fuerte

    • Jose

      Thanks a lot Sven, I hope you and your family are OK. Best wishes from the desert island

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