Menorca: a lifeline to hold on to


A dark cloak of uncertainty has covered the world completely. An unstoppable black tide of bad news that is sweeping everything away. An indigestible torrent of apocalyptic data about the voracious global expansion of Covid-19 and the trail of economic desolation it is leaving in its wake…

But in this burnt-out kingdom of Mordor in its purest form, a halo of hope shines through the embers.

I receive with joy photos of friends and clients who have begun to cultivate the abandoned lands of their country estates in Menorca. I receive friendly photos of piglets, chickens and other farm animals that have been recruited to populate a new world that some have already begun to design. A new land, the fruit of the desire to recover the lost harmony with nature. And our island stands as the best candidate, the best raw material, to build this new home.

I also receive images of beautiful paintings and drawings that come stamped with a great spiritual charge. Works of art that have spontaneously emanated from within the walls of our improvised confinement cells. Because love of life and optimism, just like plants, are able to bloom even where there is barely a glimmer of light.

That is why, now more than ever, in the midst of this perfect storm of gigantic waves that completely absorb us, it is time to hang on with all our strength to our dreams.

And for many, Menorca is the lifeline to cling onto.


Menorca paradise

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  1. Vanessa de vos

    We hear many reminders around the world to stand together, keep hope etc, but whoever wrote this has a lovely use of language which is quite uplifting. Actually joyful and elemental.

    • Jose

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. Best wishes from the very quiet Menorca!

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