A country estate impossible to erase from my memory…

Even if I had only been to this country estate in Menorca once, it would have been impossible to erase such a special place from my memory. When I first arrived I had the feeling of discovering a new part of Menorca that I did not know about. As if I had passed through a magical gateway that took me to another unknown dimension of the island…


It is a real lung of almost 100 hectares with spectacular views of the sea and the countryside.


An authentic bastion of nature populated by lush pine trees and holm oak forests that awaken your most spiritual side.


It is home to a very old architectural complex made up of the main house and other large buildings, whose history is thought to date back almost 500 years…


The charm and original spirit of these buildings have remained frozen in time and it looks as it did on its first day.

Price of this property and more information here


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