Tips for Buying a Country Estate in Menorca


1. Choose the Type of Property according to the Chosen Use:

Before embarking on the purchase of a property, it is crucial to determine the use you plan to make of it. Not every property is suitable for every purpose. For agricultural, livestock or winemaking projects, it is essential to ensure that the property has water resources, electricity, fertile soil and the necessary structures. To convert the property into a rural hotel, it is essential to know the regulations and protections for rustic land in different areas of Menorca.


2. The Location:

The choice of location is closely linked to the intended use. If the property is for recreational use at weekends, proximity to the port and airport may be convenient. To exploit the property, good vehicular access may be crucial. Solar orientation may also be important, especially for certain crops.


3. Legal aspects:

The legal aspect is the most complex and relevant. Some properties may have unplanned buildings, urban planning proceedings and other conditions. It is essential to know these issues in depth before the purchase. Having the advice of a specialised agency, such as Ses Moreres, can be essential to avoid unpleasant surprises.


4. Maintenance and Subsidies:

Owning a country estate entails maintenance responsibilities. The land needs to be cared for and often the help of local farmers can be beneficial. Fortunately, there are subsidies available from the Balearic Government and the European Community to help maintain these properties, especially if it is a farm.



Before purchasing a country estate in Menorca, it is essential to have expert advice and understand the local rustic land laws. As your trusted estate agent, at Ses Moreres we are ready to guide you on this exciting journey. Contact us without any obligation and find out how we have helped our clients to realise diverse projects on rustic land, from small country properties to rural hotels.

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