Living in an historic windmill in Menorca

Windmills were essential for centuries in the rural life on the island of Menorca, and their imposing profiles stood out among the roofs of the villages.

Using the energy produced by the wind, they ground grains such as wheat, rye, and barley.

Life in an old mill could be hard, as the work required a lot of physical effort. Millers were responsible for keeping the mill in good condition, which included repairing the blades and other mechanisms. They were also responsible for a lifetime of loading and unloading grain, which is why it is common to see worn mill steps. It was not uncommon to work from sunrise to sunset. However, millers were highly valued by the community for their role in food production.

Today, only a few of these windmills have been preserved and restored in Menorca, and they offer a unique opportunity to experience what life was like in the countryside.

Historical listed windmill in Menorca


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