Country Estate in Menorca with views to the countryside and the sea

When I visited this country estate in Menorca with views of the countryside and the sea, I automatically knew that I had found the most sought after property in Menorca. It had everything buyers are looking for! Its almost 40 hectares of land is so calm that you can hear the silence (for someone who lives in the city, it can be overwhelming, seriously).


It has a very Menorcan house which is several centuries old built on the highest point of the area, which enjoys a spectacular view of much of the island. The feeling of being surrounded by all that nature and seeing the unspoilt beaches of Menorca in the background is an almost spiritual experience, a privilege that can only be enjoyed in very few houses on Menorca.


And although the house began to be refurbished but was not finished, it is clear that it still has incredible potential. Just look at the location of the infinity pool that is designed so that we can contemplate the sea when we swim. Also inside the house we have impressive spaces, such as a large, diaphanous hall with huge windows that show the sea as if it were a big cinema screen. The exterior is full of beautiful details of original masonry work of the time made with natural stones from the area.


And I cannot finish this post without mentioning the beautiful mountainous terrain, a wild canvas sprinkled with shapes and colours that are undauntingly etched on the retina of the visitor. Too beautiful to be true? Watch the video and judge for yourself…

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