Historic grand house for sale in Menorca

Between bucolic country lanes, you find this exquisite country estate with a historic grand house dating from the 18th century which has been completely renovated, but without losing an iota of its original style. Take a tour with us to … Continued

Historic house next to the sea in Menorca

During the English occupation of Menorca, which took place intermittently between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a defensive cordon was built on the Menorcan coastline formed by defence towers and military buildings at the edge of the sea.   Here … Continued

Great country estate with a grand period house for sale-Menorca!

Relaunched is an extraordinary property that we showed to you some time ago, but now at a fantastic price! In the heart of the island of Menorca, we uncover an incredible rustic country house that time has left hidden in … Continued